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This performance is about augmented reality and robotics, and offers a choreographic experience that opens to multiple levels of sensory perceptions.
The dancers get dismembered and multiplied within an unconventionally conceived space, misshaped by a repeatedly changing viewpoint, where a robot is placed on the stage and projects their digitally duplicated frames.
A duet between the human being and his doppleganger, between man and robot, tells the full unsettling story of our present time, when in the attraction that compels towards progress in science and technology often seems to abide the threatening risk of loss of humanity.
The movement unfolds its dance within a non-narrative context and turns the events to sensory experiences for the audience, that on getting themselves captured and projected on the stage walls, try their chance to face up with their alter ego.

title: HU_robot
subject and direction: Claudio Prati and Ariella Vidach
choreography: Ariella Vidach
dancers: 8 dancers from Balletto di Roma
music: Alessandro Perini
max-msp programming: Paolo Solcia
graphic design: Sebastiano Barbieri
set and visual design: Claudio Prati
light design: Stefano Pirandello
costumes: AiEP
co-production: 2018 AIEP, LIS – Lugano in Scena, Balletto di Roma
with support of: DAC Comune di Lugano, DECS Divisione Cultura Cantone Ticino /Swisslos, MIBACT Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del turismo, Next / Regione Lombardia

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