KINEXAstudio | Veicolo Danza, Ligornetto

On the occasion of the residency in Ticino in Danza 2022, the dance company Ariella Vidach AiEP – Avventure in Elicottero Prodotti presents a
Virtual LAB | 28 > 30 July, from 17 to 19 at Veicolo Danza | Via Ponte Laveggio 3b, Ligornetto
and the performance KINEXAstudio | 31 July, 8.45 pm at Veicolo Danza | Via Ponte Laveggio 3b, Ligornetto

A laboratory-gallery where you can visit the most significant stages of AiEP’s artistic-technological research in VR and experience dance in virtual reality. The lab can be visited upon registration by writing to

KINEXA STUDIO – public presentation of the project with performance and meeting with the artists In a world where technologies and new media seem to organize new definitions of space and time in ever more porous forms, deconstructing and fragmenting the unity of presence, a dancer and other “characters” find themselves talking about the sense of a “forced” existence, in search of a moment that allows to recover the now compromised forms of contact and freedom.

Through the use of the kinect, the avatar and virtual reality, the project reflects on the difficulty of understanding our “present” amplified by the multiplication of visions and on the ambiguity of proximity in the contemporary technological condition.

For info call +41 765827345 or write to

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