MAM contemporanea | Rete MAM

On the occasion of International Museum Day – Sunday 15 May, from 15.30 to 17.30 – the Mendrisiotto Art Museums Network – Rete MAM presents the new production Ariella Vidach AiEP, MAM contemporanea, created for this occasion and choosing to collaborate with Festa Danzante.

 Different tableaus of displaced and interconnected choreographies converge in a dynamic, unitary but multiple work, projected simultaneously in the halls of the five partner museums of the MAM – Musei d’Arte del Mendrisiotto network.

MAM contemporanea is a phygital (physical and digital) dance performance that develops a moment of connection in real time, extending the collaborative network already established between the five museums to the world and digital visions.

The performance, repeated in loop several times during the afternoon, presents five performers who dance simultaneously in the MAM museums framed by mobile phones and viewed, through the internet, in a single composition. Each museum will have a site-specific space, where a dancer in presence (on the threshold) will perform the choreography by interacting with the other four dancers, visible on the screens set up in the room and on the spectators’ smartphones. Located in the various museum locations, the five dancers will perform the choreography, simultaneously and in presence, interacting with the other performers displayed on the screens set up in the hall and on the spectators’ smartphones.

The choreographic events take place between the real and the virtual, on a “limen” which is placed between the various dimensions of the present and which allows the dancers and the public to experience and explore a new physicality of bodies in a multidimensional environment. A new form of dance that develops through continuous spatio-temporal shifts and visual connections.

On the occasion of International Museum Day, admission is free.

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