Virtual Touch&Trail | Locarno

Saturday 24 June at 8.30 pm, at Spazio Elle in Locarno, Ariella Vidach AiEP presents VIRTUAL TOUCH&TRAIL, virtual dance performance – DANCEtheDISTANCE project

A virtual dance performance with 3 dancers equipped with a VR viewer – one in presence and 2 remotely – inserted in a shared environment. The avatars will dance in this specially created space a choreography made up of new ways of weaving, gestures and contacts. An innovative choreographic dimension that poses and imposes unprecedented compositional methodologies. From the audience, spectators will be able to simultaneously see both the dancer in presence and the 3 dancing avatars projected on the big screen, as well as other points of view such as the subjective view of the dancer herself or the shots from the virtual cameras.

Ticket 10 / 8 CHF

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