NAOcreais an artistic residency program aimed at young authors, which aims to support creative processes that stand out for their strong orientation to language innovation, interdisciplinarity and multimedia.

Part of the System of Regional Residencies for the three-year period 2018-2020, NAOcreawas born in with the aim of creating artist residencies for authors under 35, supported in the creative path by an interdisciplinary team, composed of professionals active in performing art (in particular dance and performance) and visual arts.

The artists are supported from the production point of view and then accompanied through tutoring actions aimed at the acquisition of technical, artistic and organizational skills useful to encourage the acquisition of a better awareness of the dynamics and critical issues that characterize the cultural system. A group of critics, curators and designers specialized in the creation of multimedia and interactive technological supports through meetings, dialogues, sharing of materials, technical and digital supports will support them in their creation process.

The goal, in fact, is to encourage the generational change, bringing new talents to sources of expression and alternative gestures and offering, at the same time, opportunities for visibility and circulation of residential projects.

Grafted in the cultural hub of Fabbrica del Vapore, in the heart of Milan, in direct contact with realities and artistic workshops that for years have supported youth creativity and new generations of artists, NAOcrea puts at the center of its mission the support of a contemporary art scene, exploring, through choreography and performance, new devices of vision, activating an interest in participatory processes and community, to confront the urban and public space as a context and landscape of artistic production.