HABITdata – studio version










HABITdata is focused on the potential of robotic technology applied to choreography. A robotic arm is on stage and tries to interlace a dialogue with the dancers. This choreographic research investigates on the human body responses when it is set facing robotic movement, which opens up an enquiry on the relationship between technology and the human being. The performance shows these two worlds continuously depending on each other, whilst in fact they engage themselves in a conscious and sensitive process of mutual awareness in the attempt to restore a balance.



Concept and direction  Claudio Prati and Ariella Vidach

choreography    Ariella Vidach

dancers   Silvia Bastianelli, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Manolo Perazzi

robot programming   Massimiliano Davì / MAXeffects

sound design and editing   Alessandro Perini

max msp programming   Paolo Solcia

graphic and interaction design   Sebastiano Barbieri

set design   Claudio Prati

costumes     AiEP

production management   2016/ AiEP

co-production     FIT Lugano  / Festival MilanoOltre  / IAC Malmoe

endowments     MIBACT, Regione Lombardia, Comune di Milano, DAC Lugano, DECS Canton Ticino/Swisslos

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