DANSite | SACEBA | Ticino in Danza


foto 2 DANSite_exsecr_roo_RIC

Dance and video projections in a site specific context. A performative intervention develops  a choreographic actions and images flow, starting from the characteristics of the venue. Choreographic actions and images present  tensions, convergences, contrasts and balances generated between the real and the artificial, nature and artifice, sensitive and intangible, static and dynamic.
The choreography is composed by a path of stations, as an open structure. They are a series of sequences, syntagms and relationship able to able to create unprecedented dramaturgy and unprecedented relationships with the other installations in the venue.

title: DANSite
duration: 40 minutes
idea and direction: Claudio Prati e Ariella Vidach
choreography: Ariella Vidach
perfomers: 5 dancers /AiEP Company
max-msp programminfg: Paolo Solcia
interactive and visual graphics: Sebastiano Barbieri, Francesco Luzzana
set: Claudio Prati
costumes: AiEP
production: 2018/ AiEP
project supported by: MIBACT, Comune di Milano, DAC Comune di  Lugano


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