NOT YET – non ancora

Silvia Galletti

Two performers and an artificial intelligence construct the utopian scenario of a space and a time that have not had the opportunity to exist. NOT YET – non ancora wants to be the utopian journey of crossing that creative border in which all the possibilities that could have been but which have never come to light stop. By making human and digital creativity dialogue, the project questions the other side of the creative outcome: what has never been created, the unspoken. Thanks to the compilation of a selected rich archive of data (sounds, images and words), the artists will train a “neural network” in the artificial composition of a music that has never been composed but which could have been composed, in the realization of landscapes never painted but which could have been painted, in faces that were never portrayed and perhaps never existed but which could have existed, in stanzas that were never written but which could have been composed …


Author and performer Silvia Galletti

Performer Giulia Cannas

Data scientist and video maker Luca Ilarda

Costumes Maria Melchiorri

Dramaturgy Alice Ortona Coles

Silvia Galletti works with Spellbound Contemporary Ballet-Dancing Partners (2018 / Sweden). Choreographer Everything is Replaceable with ClicheDigitalArt-Errore Digitale Festival (2019/Roma). Biennale College-Danzatori (2020/Venezia). Author of EXpeauSITION-AnghiariDanceHub (2021). She works with compagnia Taiat Dansa (2021/Valencia). Degree in Philosophy (Roma/2021).

Giulia Cannas Biennale College-Danzatori (2020/Venezia), winner of Cortoindanza (2021), interpreter of EXpeauSITION-AnghiariDanceHub (2021).

Luca Ilarda graduated in law (Milano/2019). Master data science (Tillburg/2021), he work for Marketredesign (Eindohven).

Alice Ortona Coles works in Germany and England with Holly Blakey, MoritzOstruschnjake Leila McMillan. Choreographer for Pegasus Theater (Oxford / 2018), Biennale College-Danzatori (2020 / Venice), author of BODIES OF WATERfor Totally Thames Festival (Londra/2021).

Maria Melchiorri graduated in fashion and entertainment; she is a stage dressmaker and assistant costume designer for theater, opera and cinema; independent scholar of costume archives, curation and conservation of costume as a cultural and historical asset.