UNBOXING – my body is a marshland

Andrea D’Arsiè

The work seeks non-linear possibilities of overthrowing and subversion of a necrocapitalist system. On stage, virtualities are triggered and materialized that cross the body and affectivity in dialogue with matter. Each body is a technology, a somatic fiction-construction. By appropriating in a crooked way the means through which this is produced, the project wishes to affirm a dangerous, uncontrolled germination of possible bodies, of ways of being and interacting, moving towards what is not known. The work stems from a first solitary residence in the Venice lagoon, an environment, a humid space-time, which thrives on precarious imbalances between emergence and submersion, rot and germination. The lagoon spreads everywhere. It regenerates as a world.


Coreography Danila Gambettola, Andrea D’Arsiè

Dramaturgy Andrea D’Arsiè

Direction Andrea D’Arsiè

Sound Design Andrea D’Arsiè

Andrea D’Arsiè and Danila Gambettola met by attending the same year of the Master’s Degree in Theater and Performing Arts at IUAV between 2019 and 2021. They collaborated on several occasions during the training and in 2021 they were performers for Isabel Lewis in O.C.E.A.N.I.C.A (Ocean Space, Venezia). Federico Morini and Andrea get to know each other and work together as performers in 2019 with the debut of Kiss by Silvia Calderoni and Ilenia Caleo at Santarcangelo Festival. Federico and Danila met in Venice while Federico began studying at the master’s degree in Theater and Performing Arts, sharing a part of training.