interactive opera

Opus #1 is an interactive work for dancers.

Inspired by the story by Jorge Luis Borges, La Biblioteca di Babele, Opus # 1 is a metaphor for the world: there you find order and chaos, “imperfect librarians” in search of the fundamental mysteries of existence and humanity. No certainty, but many discoveries: relationship with other dancers, with space, with sounds, with the rudiments of language, with images.

Universe of signs that try to turn into writing. Body language that becomes speech and emotion.

Opus #1 is an interactive work for dancers, with images, sound and voice. The final version of the show uses an interactive system, made up of three different software, which translates the movements in the space of the dancers, the colors of the costumes and the shapes of the movement into Midi information. In this way the shapes projected on a large screen undergo the manipulation of the dancing bodies.

The term interactivity qualifies digital technology or computers, programs and various types of interfaces that allow you to establish reciprocal and dialoguing actions between man and machine, or between men themselves mediated by machines. A key term that has allowed the opening of new exploratory dimensions.

The system is functional to the interdisciplinary growth of the interpreter, free to control all the expressive areas that flow into the creation of the work.

The performance was created with a team of collaborators who created the original combination of interactive software (Paolo Solcia), interactive graphics (Luigi de Aloisio) and non-linear musical composition (Lorenzo Brusci).


Choreography Ariella Vidach

Performer Marta Molinari, Claudia Pintus, Ariella Vidach, Stefania Trivellin

Original music and lyrics Lorenzo Brusci – TIMET

Software programming Raffaele De Tintis

Interactive design Luigi De Aloisio

Interactive programming Paolo Solcia

Big Eye programming Francesco Apuzzo

Light design Michele Alvarez

Light Operator Lorenzo Giuggioli

Scenography Claudio Prati, Paolo Sansoni

Costumes Olga Papoulidou

Organization Maria Luisa Buzzi