Pieradolfo Ciulli

Pieradolfo Ciulli, born in Acqua Viva delle Fonti on 22/07/1984, graduated in Cultural Heritage at the University of Lecce in 2008; in 2009 he graduated from the Paolo Grassi Academy of Milan in the theater-dance course; soon after he joined the Artemis Danza company of Monica Casadei and co-founded the dance company Fattoria Vittadini .

He deepens his studies with Yoshito Ohno (butho dance); Julie Stanzak(Pina Baush); Max Cuccaro (Ultima Vez); Maya Weimberg (Jasmeen Godder); Maria Consagra (Laban Notation); Lucinda Childs and Matanicola (Sasha Waltz).

She collaborates as a performer for the world-renowned artist Tino Seghal in the opera Kiss and with the theater company Animanera. He works with Fattoria Vittadini, Matanicola, Ariella Vidach and Collettivo Cinetico and Ci.e Zerogrammi.

He is currently working with Fattoria Vittadini, Ambra Senatore and Ariella Vidach.