Manolo Perazzi

Manolo Perazzi works with Francesca La Cava, Antonello Tudisco, Andrea Gallo Rosso, Ariella Vidach, Itzik Galili, Marco De Alteriis, Monica Casadei, Camilla Monga, Francesca Lettieri, Simona Bertozzi, Irene Kalbush. Alongside his career as a dancer, he associates a personal research work. Some of his works, in addition to being included in the calendar of Italian and foreign theatrical seasons and urban festivals, have been selected for the showcases ANTICORPI XL 2012 and 2013 and have achieved results such as the first prize Danza Urbana D’autore Salicedoro 2013, the call CID Cantieri 2017, the call NAOcrea 2018, the call TWAIN_direzioni Altre 2019. His works have been produced by e- Motion group and ASMED Balletto di Sardegna.