Loredana Tarnovschi

Loredana Tarnovschi, born in Balti, Moldova in 1992, graduated at the Scuola Civica Paolo Grassi in Milan at the Theatre-Dance Course under the direction of Marinella Guatterini. She deepens her studies in Italy and abroad. Important meetings with Dominique Dupuy, Billy Cowie (3D Dance), Luca Veggetti, Paola Lattanzi (floorwork, instant composition), Maria Consagra (Laban Notation). In 2019 together with Sofia Casprini and Andrea Giomi begins a path of research, experimentation and choreographic composition marked by the use of new technologies in relation to visual art. She collaborates as dancer, researcher and performer with Michele Di Stefano (MK) and Alessandro Carboni (FormatiSensibili). From 2016 to today she is a dancer in the productions of the AiEP – Ariella Vidach Company in Milan.

She currently dances in the productions Robinson, Bermudas, Pezzi Anatomiciby MK (Michele Di Stefano), The Angular Distance of A Celestial Body, Context by Alessandro Carboni and Huracanduet written in collaboration with Sofia Casprini. She also specializes in the use of voice and drum as healing tools and works in the field of therapy with techniques such as Hypnosis and Family Constellations.