Ivelice Brown

Ivelice Brown, born in Venezuela, begins her career as an artist at the National Experimental University of Arts, in the Visual Art School Armando Reverón, mainly in the dance schools Taller de Danza Caracas and Contemporary Dance School Piso Rojo. In Caracas she begins to work as a performer in different projects of Nacional Contemporary Dance Company, Danzahoy, Caracas Roja Laboratorio, 100% Impro, and participates in national and international festivals.

In 2006, in order to continue his artistic career, he moved to Europe, where he met the choreographer Ariella Vidach in Milan. In 2008 she obtained a scholarship to continue her professional dance training at the Franco Parenti Theatre in Milan. In 2009 and 2010 she took part in the Biennale Danza in Venice.

After intensive studies and projects, in particular with David Zambrano and Francesco Scavetta, she begins to practice disciplines such as yoga, karate, outdoor sports such as climbing, running, paragliding and trekking in the mountains. The interest in working on the body, in movement and the search for inspiration in nature are a constant motivation to improve her skills and to express herself through art.

She makes studies and performances with dancers and choreographers such as: Susanne Linke from the Tanztheater of Germany, Jasmeen Godder (Israel), Francesca Harper, Ted Todfer, Wendy Houstoun (DV8), Kenji Takagi (Pina Bausch company), Josè Navas, Daniel Lèveill (Canada), Laura Arìs and Inaki Azpillaga (Wim Vandekeybus -Ultima Vez vocabulary), Tamás Móricz (William Forsythe) Ted Stoffer, Geyvan McMillen (Istambul Dance Theater), Francesca Caroti (Forsythe), Juha Marsalo (Carloyn Carlson and win vandekeybus), Adriana Borriello (Béjart), Marta Coronado (Rosas Company ), David Dorfman, Bruno Cavernas, Laura Moro (NSDO), Ariella Vidach-Release Technique and others.

He currently lives in Catalonia where he founded an alternative cultural space Espai en Moviment in Cornudella de Montsant.