In Rissa in Galleria by Boccioni many of the aspects of the Futurist movement are highlighted: dynamism, speed, strong contents, change.

From this reflection arises the interest in re-reading the artist’s work in a contemporary key with the aim of reinterpreting the work. Attention is paid to the historical present to transfer the same innovative charge, the same desire for change. There is a desire to give a voice to tolerance, to interculturality, a true sign of progress that distances minds from the stillness of quiet living to launch into a more open and multi-ethnic dynamic.

The project bases its strength on the meeting in a strategic point, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The place to bring together in a continuous, organized and disordered movement, about thirty dancers who move from within the audience. Their simple appearance and costumes make them look like ordinary people, but their action projects vitality, energy. They run, fight, fight.


Rodriguez Willian Giuseppe | Langella Angelo | Gerbelle Eleonore Geneve | Fontanesi Cecilia | Basso Caterina | Cavallo Arianna | Melucci Marta | Bricca Iunia | Andrigo Marianna | Bia Giacomo | Fradella Giovanni | Longo Daniele | De Nuzzo Claudio | Molon Elena | Voegeli Camilla | Fortuny Olimpia | Ohandja Lazare | La Ferla Salvatore | Guazzotti Alice Carmela | Aqueson Adotey | Brown Ivelice Carolina | Levrino Chiara | Fior Davide