multimedia dance performance

.MOV is an investigation into human behavior.

The sounds and the choreography suggest fragments of everyday life, conflicts, violence and prevarications, but also fragility, restlessness, fears.

Subjective time replaces universal time, while public and private, virtual and real alternate. In the contrast between microcosm and macrocosm, recognizable contexts emerge, sections of life that reveal hidden sides of the human nature.

In the show, sound, image, body, thought and movement merge into a single dimension.

The .MOV interactive system is based on the use of radiofrequency accelerometers that allow the dancer to relate to an interactive environment.


IdeaAriella Vidach and Claudio Prati

Choreography Ariella Vidach

Performers Annamaria Ajmone, Alessio Attanasio, Fabio Liberti, Alessandro Schiattarella, Marie Schmieder

Lights Stefano Pirandello

Interactive and visual graphics Sebastiano Sound Design Ezio Taeggi and Stefano Fumagalli

Interaction Design Federico Lupica

Motion Tracking STMicroelectronics

Scenography Claudio Prati

Costumes AiEP

Choreography assistantElena Molon

Organization and Press Office Sara Prandoni

Co-production Chiassodanza (Ufficio Cultura Comune di Chiasso)

Supported by Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, NEXT/Regione Lombardia, Comune di Milano, D.E.C.S. Divisione Cultura – Cantone Ticino, Comune di Lugano, Anno di produzione 2009