DAIMOCO dance in e-motion control

DAiMOCO is an interdisciplinary scientific-artistic research project; the field of investigation is focused around the movement and its transfer to a system of audiovisual signs. The project aims to develop the relationship in real time between the motor skills of the human body, sound and images.

The dancer, alone on stage and surrounded by a large screen, creates the sound and visual track of the performance with the choreographic sequence. Each movement of the dancer has a counterpart in the system of three-dimensional audiovisual signs.

The dance and the gestures of the performer thus give life to a body language, a dynamic voice capable of articulating and developing a new language made up of synthetic voices, letters and animated words. Through a motion capture system (9 sensors applied in the costume and connected by cable) and two other computers dedicated to the generation of images and sounds, the dancer controls and modifies the audiovisual and three-dimensional objects displayed on the screen.


Direction and idea Claudio Prati

Choreography Ariella Vidach

Motion capture system DREAMAGIC virtual characters

Modeling and animation 3D Riccardo Zanettini

Artistic advice and lettering Daniele Bergamini

Software development and midi design Raffaele De Tintis

Voice dialing and sounds DIGILAB, Marco Bertoni

Voices Susanna Gozzetti, Lorenzo Ricci

Set designClaudio Prati

Organization Maria Luisa Buzzi

Production AiEP Lugano