BUF tecno clown


The BUF project concerns the conception of a solo based on the interactive big eye system. The artistic intent is the research on unprecedented forms of gestures, on freedom of expression, restoring a primordial physicality to the body through the medium of technology.

The new project has as its source of inspiration the text by Jean Starobinski “Ritratto dell’artista da saltimbanco”, an analysis of the figure of the artist who masquerades as a clown to “overcome” the ghosts that haunt him and his era; a “clown – writes Starobinski – who becomes the master of a mysterious passage that allows you to cross forbidden borders, to go beyond, to launch yourself beyond the worldly border”.

The work aims to initiate a reflection on the body in art and in our age. The work initiates a reflection on a renewed awareness of the body sought in the restitution of the main functions to the senses.

The interactive system used in the creation of the work allows you to detect movements and process them in real time by translating them into visual and sound language.


Choreography and dance Ariella Vidach

Interactive programming Paolo Solcia

Interactive graphics Luigi De Aloisio

Light design Stefano Pirandello

Scenography Claudio Prati

Costumes Ariella Vidach AiEP

Organization Maria Luisa Buzzi