A_life is a technological ecosystem in which to explore the encounter between the organic presence of bodies and the inorganic of the machine, in a horizon where the border between the two dimensions tends to thin out. From the point of view of matter, starting with silicon, there are several elements that unite human anatomy with the circuits of technological devices.

A_life becomes an immersive environment through which to experiment choreographic forms of cohabitation, in which the robot and the dancers decline unprecedented behaviors and gestures through which to open an unexplored perceptual space, in a scenario in which the macrocosm evoked by the stage device dialogues with the bodies, that the robot observes and returns to the viewer as if under a microscope. A_life is a reciprocal exchange between body and robot is the pretext to investigate new forms of expression, new ways of living the scene.


Direction Claudio Prati, Ariella Vidach

Choreography Ariella Vidach

Performer Andrea Dionisi, Gloria Dorliguzzo, Maurizio Giunti, , Giovanni Leone, Francesca Linnea Ugolini, Arabella Scalisi e UR10 Universal Robot

Sound design and audio programming max/msp Paolo Solcia, Riccardo Santalucia and Alessandro Perini

Light design Stefano Pirandello

Graphic programming vvvv Sebastiano Barbieri

VR Giovanni Landi

Scenography Claudio Prati

Design UR10 GISTO – Alessandro Mason

Costumes Ariella Vidach and Claudio Prati

Dramaturgy Ariella Vidach, Claudio Prati and Enrico Pitozzi

Programming assistance UR10 Massimiliano Davi /Max Effects

Sponsor Tecnico Universal Robots

Coproduction Avventure in Elicottero Prodotti, Ariella Vidach AiEP

Supported by MiBAC Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Comune di Milano, Next / Regione Lombardia