10 Giardini da non perdere _ Horti coreografici


It is a project that reflects on new forms of spectatoriality in order to trigger a path that sees the spectator in an active role, as well as a critical one, capable of determining and transforming the scene with his choices and his presence. In the construction’s process of the project, the spectator is invited to respond to an appeal, thus becoming, through a practice of accompaniment and participation, an active protagonist of the choreographic path. It is realized through an experiential site-specific performance for conventional spaces and not a collective choreographic happening that sees the activation of a mixed “augmented” audience, made up of dancers, artists and ordinary spectators.

The collective performance-happening has a variable duration, from a minimum of 40-50 minutes to a maximum of about 90 minutes, takes place in a space specifically set up and suitable for the defined characteristics: an open space (or theater without the chairs in the stalls ), audio amplification and a general lighting system (with minimal theatrical lighting interventions) and the required technical materials. “Activating” performers act within a microcosm made up of very precise rules, schemes and constraints with which they relate. 182 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione The choreography will be presented as an open structure, a series of sequences, syntagms and relationships to create new dramaturgies and relationships with the other installation presences. The work wants to encourage the continuous exchange between authors and viewer to share the process and to make a creative contribution to the production.


Direction Claudio Prati, Ariella Vidach

Choreography Ariella Vidach

Performer Compagnia Ariella Vidach AiEP

Programming max-msp Paolo Solcia

Interactive and visual graphics Sebastiano Barbieri

Set Claudio Prati

Costumes AiEP

Production 2017/ AiEP

Supported by DAC città di Lugano, MiBACT Roma, Comune di Milano