Andrea Giomi e Martina Zena

The project is carried out by Martina Zena (performer and graphic designer) and Andrea Giomi (sound artist and scholar). Recently, Samuele Albani (visual artist and interaction designer) joined the group as well. Our research develops from Martina’s previous experimentations on traces-making techniques involving large scale monotyping surfaces, live gestural drawing, and everyday objects that she use as performative tools.


Frequencies of gesture is an ongoing performative-research project that explores the ways in which gestural repertoires can be captured and recreated as situated and somatic live archives. By using mixed techniques – ranging from live drawing, calcographing techniques and data visualization to motion analysis, interactive sonification and artificial intelligence – we aim at studying how gesture’s traces can be archived through a technical device and then re-situated in the performance. Our goal is to show how these mediation techniques allow us to draw attention to several gesture’s qualities that wouldn’t be otherwise perceptibles. From this perspective, we question the way in which embodied gestural know-how can be externalized trough technical inscription (e.g. sound and graphic traces) and then re-embodied in a new material form (e.g the performative digitally-informed gesture).


A project by FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts

Performance, live drawing Martina Zena

Interaction sound design, motion capture Andrea Giomi

Hardware interaction design Samuele Albani

Supported by Ariella VidachAiEP (Bando NAO Crea), Performance Lab (Université Grenoble-Alpes)

Special thanks Fattoria Vittadini, ExAlge and Kokoschka Reviva