EXP explores the concept of human body, its senses and feeling in an environment dominated by medias and technology. The work investigates the changes in perceptions in relation to ourself, to others and to the world.

EXP is an interactive dance performance that creates one whole out of six different medias, which are tightly related to each other (dance, images, text, music, sounds, interactive system).

This event gives access to possible interactions between performers and the surrounding scene (screens with projected computer’s images).

Dancers interfere with a system of virtual reality that detects theirs movements into space; this interaction produces sounds, images, starts  texts and words.

This enable dancers to participate and define the event, while it is happening, in a full immersion experience, using a new perception of time and space.

Performers  follow their physical impulses leading the body to  play  with gravity, speed and points in space, giving different tasks to different parts of their body, creating awkward, sensual, wild and stylised, repetitive movements.

Words are said and appear frequently and obsessively on the screen.


Choreography | Ariella Vidach | Mandala System VR Massimo Contrasto | Sound Design Franz Treichler | Art advisor/Set design Claudio Prati | Dancers Marta Molinari, Claudia Pintus, Ariella Vidach | Costumes Lucia Lapolla, Ariella Vidach | Light Design Michele Alvarez | Texts Antonio Caronia | Graphic Design Patrizio Solcà