lecture performance


BODHIsolo develops a reflection on the contrast that is generated between the technological world and that linked to the spiritual sphere and to the profound understanding of the self. Two worlds in search of a balance that is revealed through the delicate cognitive process that arises from attention and listening.

Bodhi, a Sanskrit term that means “awakening”, “enlightenment” indicates the desire to “show”, “show” the public with new eyes. Amplify perception, focus attention on details.

.solo is used to indicate the extension of a file and aims to emphasize the individual and intimate aspect of the performative action.

The performance uses Inaxyz InterVITA interactive systems, innovative electronic devices developed by the AiEP company.

These devices are capable of configuring themselves in an autonomous network to convey the detected data to a remote computer.

By wearing the sensors and interacting with the network created by them, the dancers and the “robots” will give life to sounds and images.


Direction Claudio Prati

Choreography Ariella Vidach

Performer Ariella Vidach

Musica/sound design Paolo Solcia, AiEP, Luca Scapellato, Andrea Giomi

Motion Tracking Software Laura Vanzago, Andrea Labombarda / STMicroelctronics (motionbee)

Audio interactive software maz/msp Federico Lupica and Paolo Solcia / AiEP

Organization and Communication Stefania Mangano e Cristina Ponzano

Supported by Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Comune di Milano, Regione Lombardia, Cantone Ticino D.E.C.S. Divisione Cultura, Swisslos, DAC Comune di Lugano