Call Residences for young dancers and choreographer – Naocrea 2016

Deadline 4 june 2016

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AiEP takes part in the new system of regional residences , in the wake of the three-year program of the Agreement signed between the Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism and some regional authorities – including the Lombardy Region – under the new D.M. 01.07.2014 for the reorganization of F.U.S. which provides assistance for projects related to the support and mentoring to the production, promotion and development of artistic residencies system. AiEP looks in particular to initiatives to support creative processes in the field of choreographic and performative, that are distinguished by the strong innovation of language orientation, interdisciplinary and multimedia. The paths of residence will also be complemented by the promotion and dissemination actions to promote the national and transnational comparison between the artists and the circulation of creative products.

The call is adressed to:

young Italian authors or coming from European Union countries active professionally in the field of choreographic aged less 35 years when submitting their candidature and groups / Italian dance companies or from countries where the majority of union members has aged less than 35 years and with track records of not less than 24 months the date of application

Between all those applicants who meet the requirements will be selected max n ° 05 people to whom will be offered:

- Period of creative residency and interdisciplinary mentoring at the headquarters AiEP – Milano

- Technical support and communication

- The realized creative products will be included in the program of NaoPerformingFestival 2016 supported in the post-debut

- About 6 months in promotion actions adressed at the circuit at national and international level

- Financial support from Euro 2000,00.e least Euro 500,00.proportionate to the characteristics of the project

The application form and the required attachments must be submitted in pdf format to the email address: within 24 hours of Saturday 4 June shall be invalid.

The results of the selection will be communicated to interested parties via email by June 20, 2016.

The list of the selected artists will also be published in site.

The paths of residence will be held by 30 November 2016 at the headquarters AiEP / Steam Factory – Via Procaccini 4 Milan. The creative outcomes will be presented to the public as part of the 2016 edition of the NAO Performing festival to be held in Milan at Did Studio in the days from November 30 to December 4, 2016.


tel +39 02 345 0996


DiDstudio – Digital Interactive Dance


DiDstudio was founded in 2005 in Milan in order to offer to young artists a place of research, education, experimentation and production with dance and new technologies. Equipped with the interactive systems developed by AiEP, DiDstudio is a choreographic atelier for the company and a place of creative residence and study for young artists.

NAO Nuovi Autori Oggi


NAO – Nuovi Autori Oggi aims to foster young artists in the process of creating multimedia works. NAO wants to support young authors by providing them with rehearsing studios, technical equipment and tutorial assistance, as well as promoting their work in venues abroad. Ariella Vidach, who has been active for the past twenty years in the field of interactive performances and is now interested in sharing its own interdisciplinary knowhow with new generations of artists.

TEC-ART-ECO arte e tecnologia per l’ambiente

tecarteco copia

TEC ART ECO is a framework of events, workshops, lectures, meetings, performances showing the most peculiar and relevant technological applications on artistic field. All this, though, is moving around the key word “sustainability”, that is to respect and preserve the natural, social and cultural mainstream from being overwhelmed by the overspreading digital system, and to maintain the first role of the body at experiencing the present world.

INNET interattività in rete


The circulation of the knowledge acquired by AiEP in more 20 years is DiDstudio’s further purpose, achieved through the creation of an archive for both specialists and students. The first part of this database can be consulted in iPoint, an info point on new interactive media applied to art and communication that collects the documentation of the triennial Project Interreg INnet, as well as unknown documents and exclusive interviews.